12 thoughts on “Punch Bowl with a side of food poisoning

  1. Hi Kelly –
    Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. This is highly unusual as Punch Bowl Social prides itself on a quality experience for all our guests. Our food and beverage program is built on a high degree of culinary integrity. We want to understand more about your experience and hope you will give us the opportunity to make it right. Would you mind contacting me directly at jcollier@punchbowlsocial.com so I can learn more?
    Thanks so much,
    Jodi Collier
    Marketing Director

  2. I would highly suggest contacting the Cuyahoga County Board of Health. If 9 of you got sick, there’s likely more. This was definitely a food borne illness outbreak and should be investigated. At the very least, this restaurant should get their act together knowing that they’re under investigation. Good luck!

  3. Is this documented with and by the health department? Usually food poisoning involves hospitalization and severe dehydration. Is this applicable to your party? Just curious if the health department and medical professionals diagnosed your parties experience as food poisoning.

  4. It seems to me after reading your article your looking for a free handout. Your hard rock reference proves that

    1. Tom – Thanks for your comment. I’m not looking for a free handout. I honestly have no intention of going back to Punch Bowl anytime soon. I just think the situation was handled poorly.

  5. how may people in your group, bowled or played table or video games while attending your event? What I’m hinting at is that maybe someone did’nt wash their hands in your group or sneezed or coughed on the food…The flu is spread very easily and many times appears to be food poisoning

    1. Sean – Only four of us played a game of skeeball. The rest of us didn’t play any of the other games. I also heard from a server that they received a couple dozen calls from that weekend so I’d be surprised if it was the flu. Thanks for responding!

  6. My wife and I got food poisoning too after we ate dinner there Saturday January 2nd. Not 100% sure what it was from, but we shared a piece of cake for desert and it tasted like it had been sitting out on a shelf for the better part of a week. After one bite we pushed it away and had our server take it back. No one in our group of 4 was really happy with their meals, the drinks were okay. I probably won’t be going back.

  7. I ate at punch bowl social on May 1, 2016, and ended up with absolutely horrible food poisoning. I had one cocktail and the mushroom tacos. I missed two days of work. I hope that the owners take a look at this serious recurring problem and do something to fix it. Diners should feel confident that their food is being prepared in ways that will keep them safe.

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