Sofar Cleveland: An Intimate Concert Experience

Sofar Sounds_Intimate Live Music Event

I’m about to let you in on a secret.  Some of you may have already heard me talking about this event, but I felt like it was time to let more people in the loop. So, what’s all the fuss about? It’s a live music experience going on in Cleveland (and around the world) that lets you experience music in a different and unique way. It’s called Sofar Sounds.

Each month Sofar Sounds hosts a live music event in unique spaces around Cleveland. While it originated in London back in 2009, the concept is the same as when it started. The goal is to expose people to different artists around the globe in an intimate environment without distractions and noise, that also allows you to connect with the artists.

Sofar Sounds at Photography Studio

@Burklehagen Photography Studio

How does it work? All you have to do is sign up for a monthly email notification from Sofar Sounds. You’ll wait to receive the concert date each month. If the date works for you, let them know you are interested in attending. A few weeks before the event you will receive an email letting you know if you were selected. At that point you can let them know if you are bringing a guest and you’ll pay $15 per ticket. The day before the event they will let you know the location, but the musicians are a secret until you arrive.

Each show features a variety of artists, so you’re guaranteed to like at least one or two of the performers. Each singer/group plays about four songs, so you get a really good flavor for each before moving on to the next artist. The locations vary from breweries and photography studios to trendy office spaces and warehouses. The locations are all donated and many are BYOB. Seating is often limited, so beach chairs or blankets are a great idea if you don’t want to have a sore butt from sitting on a concrete floor for two hours.

Hotcards Redspace

@redspaceevents on 2400 Superior Avenue

The whole experience is pretty casual, but intimate. The show is limited to about sixty or seventy guests, including the bands. You’ll have the chance to mingle with the artists in between the acts if you choose to do so before the next set gets going. The best part about this event is you’re supporting some local and national musicians, while also have a great time checking out places around Cleveland.

I hope to see you at the next event, assuming I’m selected to attend. Share this post to friends you think might enjoy.

The RNC in the CLE: A Local Point of View


Cleveland is definitely showing off its red, white and blue with the first few days of the Republican National Convention already wrapped up. I’ve never seen our city look as patriotic. As a resident of the Warehouse District, I toyed with whether or not I even wanted to stay in Cleveland or if I was going to rent out our place and head for the ‘burbs. In the end, I decided to stick it out and work from home during the RNC.


As always, I couldn’t help but be curious about what was going on in the city. So with Nena in tow, we set off to see what was going on in our neighborhood. The biggest difference you see (and feel) is the amount of police stationed around the city. While part of me feels comforted, it’s also a little disconcerting to see that many police officers in one place. In the wake of the horrible acts of violence in our country right now, I pray for their safety and of the safety of everyone in the city.


Aside from increased security, the sheer number of people with cameras filming and photographing the events and activities around town is overwhelming. It seems like every other person I walked by was carrying a camera. On my run today there were detours galore, but I was interested to see that they were already moving those hideous black fences from around where events have already taken place.


Wannabe entrepreneurs fill the sidewalks selling Trump t-shirts and other presidential paraphernalia. Head to the Flats East Bank and you’ll find patriotic floats from the Duck Tape Festival including Mt. Rushmore and the Liberty Bell. In front of the Marriott you’ll have a photo opportunity with a large elephant painted in red, white and blue. And in Public Square you’ll be treated to a handful of civilians walking around with assault rifles. Yes, you heard me correctly. For the first time since I moved downtown three years ago, I felt uneasy just from the sight of them.


Aside from machine guns being spotted around downtown, the Republican National Convention seems to be running as smoothly as you could hope. While several of the restaurants downtown have been transformed into The Washington Post (Butcher and the Brewer), Twitter (Greenhouse Tavern) and The Atlantic (Blue Point Grill), I’ve been shocked by how many restaurants seem to be lacking customers.


I wonder if this has anything to do with the lack of delegates who actually showed up coupled with the fact that people were hearing horror stories about how bad downtown was going to be. I think that everyone decided to stay away from downtown, when in reality now is one of the better times to be down here.  It’s just a bit of a maze once you get here due to the road closures.



While everything seems to be going as well as it could, I think that we’ll all let out a collective breath when this week is over. What is your experience with the RNC so far?! Share your thoughts below.


New Cleveland Brunch Raises the Bar in Glenville Neighborhood


Gather in Glenville | An upscale brunch in the historic Glenville neighborhood

It is a great time to be living in the city of Cleveland. Aside from the history-making, curse-breaking NBA championship win by the CAVS, the city is experiencing a rebirth unlike anything I have ever seen. Historic neighborhoods like Tremont and Ohio City continue to rebound at an accelerated pace and new homes are popping up on every corner. Other neighborhoods like Slavic Village and Glenville are starting to follow suit.

To help celebrate and advance the redefining of these neighborhoods comes a completely new event to Cleveland, Gather in Glenville. From the creators and planners of the wildly successful Night Market Cleveland (read more about that event here), comes a new take on brunch. Imagine a mix of breakfast at your favorite restaurant + farmers’ market + concert + makers’ market all rolled into one. Yes, this event actually exists and will be debuting in Cleveland for the first time on July 10th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at E. 105th and Superior.

Discover a neighborhood in Cleveland that you’ve probably never spent more than a few minutes in, while also devouring a delicious brunch served by local chefs. This upscale brunching experience will showcase the best of Glenville, a neighborhood with deep roots in Cleveland, while also keeping you entertained from the moment you arrive. Whether you purchase a ticket for a sit-down brunch or wait to take advantage of the food trucks on site, you’ll have plenty of dining options. You might even find yourself dancing in your seat as you enjoy local gospel and soul music.

Events like Gather in Glenville help us be part of the revitalization and evolution of our city. It’s a fun and safe way to spend time in an area of the city that you might not think of visiting on your own, while also supporting the neighborhood in a delicious and entertaining way. Mark your calendars now because this is not an event you want to miss!

Can’t make the July 10th date? You’ll have two more opportunities on August 14th and September 11th to check out this event!



Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship Parade

On a normal day, I would be disgusted by the amount of trash littering the streets of downtown Cleveland. But today is not a normal day. Today is the day after one of the greatest celebrations that our city may ever see with over a million fans celebrating the Cleveland Cavaliers and their amazing accomplishment of winning the NBA Championships.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I finally feel a sense of closure after the amazing win on Sunday. From tears streaming down my face to feelings of euphoria, it still did not feel real to me. That is until the parade and rally yesterday, which acknowledged and celebrated the fact that we really did win Game 7 of The Finals. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and let the feeling of pride for our city take over. Go CAVS!

Cleveland Rooftop Yoga Classes

Rooftop Yoga_6.15.16

What goes better with summer than rooftop yoga? Here in Cleveland we take advantage of the few fleeting month of warmth with several rooftop yoga options all summer. Enjoy beautiful city views while perfecting your Warrior One and Shoulder Stand. Many of the locations listed below require reservations, so start planning today!

Summer Rooftop Yoga at The Shoreway

Inner Bliss is quite active this summer, as they have partnered with The Shoreway Lofts to offer a weekly Saturday morning yoga class on the rooftop of The Shoreway property, located on West 76th. From June 4 through September 3, you can register for an hour long class starting at 9 a.m. Beautiful views of Edgewater Park, Lake Erie and downtown Cleveland give you another unique urban yoga experience. Registration opens the Monday prior to the class each week and fills up quickly! Class cost is $14.

Touch the Sky Rooftop Yoga at Tremont Athletic Club

Starting June 5 to September 4 you can take advantage of the views at the renovated Fairmount Creamery, where the Tremont Athletic Club (TAC) calls home. The views of downtown Cleveland are unparalleled and will inspire you to really push yourself toward inner bliss. Speaking of Inner Bliss, that is who is also partnering with TAC to provide you this unique rooftop yoga experience each Sunday at 10 a.m. Registration opens the Monday prior to the class each week and costs $14.

viBE at Azure

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the rooftop at Azure, you’re really missing out. You have beautiful views of downtown Cleveland about 12 stories up, and a fun, summery atmosphere (read my review of Azure here). Aside from the fabulous cocktails, you can now do rooftop yoga at Azure on most Saturdays and Sundays through viBE at the 9. Registration is required and costs $16 for a drop-in class.

Yoga {Flow} Into Summer with Harness Cycle

Each Saturday you can Harness the Summer on the Hingetown deck for $20 or pair your yoga class with a ride in the Harness Cycle studio for $35. Classes open at noon each Monday, so register for this unique yoga experience weekly.

Music Box Supper Club Rooftop Yoga

While Music Box doesn’t offer weekly rooftop yoga classes, you can find the sporadic special event planned on their rooftop. Who wouldn’t love to practice yoga on the West Bank of the Cuyahoga River, with views of the city and giant freighters passing by? The next one is Saturday, June 18th where you can join Music Box for Yoga & Rosé for $15 on the rooftop. Check back on their website for updates on additional events.

Did I miss a rooftop yoga spot in Cleveland? Comment below and let me know where else you love to practice!


Memorial Day Weekend Events in Cleveland

MemorialDayWeekend (1)

Okay, it’s Friday and you’ve basically already started the weekend. So, what do you do? Don’t even try to tell me that there is nothing going on, as Memorial Day weekend is one of the most jam packed weekends of the year. I don’t know about you, but with all this gorgeous weather lined up I can’t help but think that I should head to Edgewater Lakefront Reservation to start getting my tan on.

After I burn, because let’s face it, after six months of zero sunlight my skin is going to be a bit confused, I still have the rest of the weekend open. There are so many different festivals and events going on this weekend, I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to choose. Here are some of the happenings around town.

CAVS Watch Party at The Q | May 27

I think the entire city is nervous with anticipation over the outcome of game 6. If you haven’t been before, the watch parties during the playoffs are almost as good as being at the game itself. They show the game on the jumbo tron, have live entertainment, games, and food and drinks. How many times do you just look at the jumbo tron when you’re at the game anyway? Tickets are free, but you do need to reserve them in advance here! Tip-off is at 8:30 p.m.

MOCA Opening Night Party & Concert | May 27

Who doesn’t love a free party and concert? Head to the uber-trendy Uptown neighborhood and celebrate with the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art as the Myopia and Abberations exhibits open. Mark Mothersbaugh of Myopia will be there in person and performing as well!

Tidal Cool Runway Show | May 27

If you’re looking to add a little bit of fashion to your weekend, you should check out Tidal Cool’s Spring/Summer Fashion Show at Lake Affect Studios. Tickets are less than $20 and proceeds benefit Nature’s Bin. The Tidal Cool spring/summer collection is called Cuba Libre, which brings the rhythm of the Caribbean to the heart of Cleveland. Event starts at 7 p.m.

Taste of Summer at Flats East Bank | May 27 – 29

What better way to kick-off the summer than to check out this new event, taking over the Flats East Bank all weekend long?  Not only can you take advantage of the local eats (Coastal Taco opens on Friday!) but there will be two stages with live music, craft cocktails, corn hole and other fun activities for all ages. Plus, you can check out the new water taxi if you want to go back and forth across the river.

Tremont Greek Festival | May 27-30

Get your Greek on at the annual Greek Festival located in Tremont. Pretend that you’ve been transported to the Greek Isles as you enjoy Greek food, drinks and entertainment all weekend long.