Slyman’s: Does it live up to the hype?

TunameltI have a confession to make. I have lived in Cleveland for almost thirty years and I have NEVER been to Slyman’s Restaurant. Until today. And now my world is forever changed. Well maybe the experience wasn’t that life altering, but I am sure glad that I finally took the time to give it a try.

I had good reason to avoid the infamous deli until now – I don’t eat corned beef. I actually don’t eat any meat. My limited pescetarian diet led me to believe that I would have absolutely nothing to eat. When a coworker suggested we go there, everyone laughed because what in the world could I possibly order?

It turns out they have a couple of options – a tuna melt, egg salad sandwich, grilled cheese and even a veggie burger! I was more than a little surprised. I am a sucker for a good tuna melt, so that was what I ultimately went with along with a side of crinkly fries. It was probably the most expensive sandwich I’ve ever purchased, but the portion sizes align with the cost.

I am now currently sitting at my desk, pondering what the likelihood that anyone would miss me if I slept off my food coma underneath my desk. The sandwich was delicious. I can’t say that it is more or less spectacular than their world renowned, 5-inch thick, corned beef sandwiches, but my meal was certainly tasty. I’ll also probably need to work out for the next two days to make up for the splurge, but I’m content as can be for the moment.

Slyman's 2

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