Flying high at no additional charge

Update: Since this was originally posted, Jet Blue has implemented different levels of fees for different services. 

Complimentary. A term that is pretty much nonexistent in the modern world of flying. Instead we are bombarded with fees for just about everything. And I mean everything. That’ll be $12 for adequate leg room, $25 for a checked-bag, $5 for a bag of peanuts and so on and so on. What happened to flights being even remotely enjoyable? Instead, we are left to feel robbed by exorbitant costs that used to be part of just good customer service. Rather than looking forward to my intended destination, I’m more worried about whether or not I’m going to be charged to use the bathroom or something equally ridiculous.

When United Airlines pulled Cleveland off its list of major hubs, I was devastated. What would Clevelanders do? Would our tourism industry (so large to begin with) suffer? Would traveling become harder and more expensive for locals? Enter Jet Blue. An airline I had never even heard of until I was looking at flights for my bachelorette weekend getaway. $138 for a roundtrip, nonstop flight to Fort Lauderdale. I was sold.

Fast forward a couple of months and I’m kicking off my long weekend. Imagine my amazement when I stopped at the ticket counter and didn’t have to pay a fee to check a bag. A supposedly budget airline that gives you a free checked bag? United doesn’t even do that. Next wonderful surprise, extra leg room. For once I wasn’t crowded into the seat in front of me or paying extra money to get the amount of leg room that the average person needs to be comfortable. Oh and you’d like to provide 30 free TV channels for the entire flight? Why thank you! Other pleasant surprises included free snacks (and I’m not talking about those teeny, tiny bags of peanuts either).

Somehow Jet Blue has stumbled upon what every present day traveler hopes and dreams of. A worry free experience, with little added perks that really boost the overall experience of flying. You get charged one price up front and get great service at no additional cost. So simple, and yet modern flying seems to follow this mentality less and less. I think I’ll take another bag of those cookies now.

I’m already excited to start checking out the other flights that Jet Blue offers out of Cleveland Hopkins airport. I’m headed to New York City in December and I’m praying that Jet Blue has a flight that works with my schedule, as I can’t imagine having a better experience with another airline. Bon voyage!

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