Azure Sun Lounge: Your local vacation destination

20150507_184840Welcome to Miami, Cleveland! I mean Azure Sun Lounge. Where the people are beautiful, the drinks are sublime and the views are spectacular. And where can you find this heavenly place? On the 12th floor of The 9, arguably one of downtown Cleveland’s swankiest new spots.

It was a balmy 75 degrees when I ventured over to the highly anticipated Azure Sun Lounge, where I felt like I had instantly been transported to a trendy bar in South Beach. From the staff attire to the grassy lounge areas filled with plush couches, I certainly didn’t feel like I was in Cleveland anymore. The only time I was even reminded that I wasn’t on vacation is when I glanced out over the balcony and could see the top of the Terminal Tower. Did I mention the views are impressive?

I hit up Azure during its first week of being open. Typically I hold off on writing about a new venue until I’ve given it a few tries, because they are usually working out the kinks during that first month. Fortunately for us, we didn’t run into any issues while we were there. There were ample staff, so we were never left waiting for a drink and the cocktails were delicious. I sampled the Sun Burn, which was a glorious combination of rum, strawberry and lime. It was by far the best drink that I tried. Cocktails are definitely their specialty, as the beer selection is mediocre at best.

I had braced myself for what I assumed were going to be astronomical drink prices, so I was pleasantly surprised that for happy hour cocktails normally ranging from $10 – $12 were half price. With that in mind, we settled in for the evening and started some fabulous people watching.

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