The 9 – an Urban Oasis in Cleveland

I feel like every time I turn around, something new is happening in Cleveland. I’m constantly amazed by the growth of our city and how quickly things can get accomplished when the right people are running the show. Take “The 9“, Cleveland’s new urban resort right in the heart of the city. Once a dormant area, the corner of East 9th and Euclid is on the rebound and looking to impress. Set to open in early fall 2014, I can’t wait to see and visit the finished product.

Until the WKYC Channel 3 update, I didn’t realize how much was going into The 9. I was under the false impression that it was really just a Heinen’s and apartment buildings. Turns out, The 9 is going to provide so many options that the people who live there/stay there, won’t even have to leave their building! Not only will there be apartments starting at $1,600 a month, but there will also be a hotel, Heinen’s, movie theater, indoor dog park, restaurant and bar to start. Why leave home when everything is right within reach?

The renovations will transform the interior of the former Ameritrust Tower and the attached Cleveland Trust rotunda. There will be 104 apartments and 156 hotel rooms available – all with fabulous downtown views from every side. Bark, the indoor dog park, will be on the 29th floor, giving pet owners the option of avoiding bad weather outside. The theater will showcase live dinner shows, as well as 3-D movies and other flicks. A new Mediterranean restaurant will also be opening, as well as a rooftop bar on the 12th floor. I’m probably most looking forward to the speakeasy that will open in four of the old bank vaults in the basement of the rotunda.

As a downtown Cleveland resident, I am beyond thrilled about all of the new options downtown. It makes me wonder if we’ll end up living downtown beyond our original 2 year plan. I can’t imagine moving away from the city when there are so many fabulous things happening. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the instead of the Cleveland Trust rotunda, then you are aware that the ceiling is gorgeous. Plus there is a great old time feel when you go inside. The speakeasy in the vaults is going to be a truly fun experience. And who doesn’t love a rooftop bar? I think that is one area that Cleveland has truly lacked, and I can’t wait to frequent the new Azure. Maybe I’ll even get that dog I’ve been wanting, and we can go visit all the residents at The 9 in their dog park.

{Photographs shown are from The 9’s website.}

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