Supper Club Special – El Carnicero

To be fair, I gave them two shots at greatness. Unfortunately, I felt a little underwhelmed when I left El Carcinero both times. Now before the eggs start flying, let me explain myself. It should be known that I love Momocho. I specifically love Momocho during their happy hour, when they have half price taquitos, half price margs and beer. I like them slightly less when I have to pay full price for their meals. I know that may sound a bit frugal, but it’s the truth.

So when I heard RAVE reviews about El Carnicero, and that they were the “less expensive” sister of Momocho, I was clearly sold. During my first trip at the end of January, we sat at the bar and caught the tail end of happy hour. El Carnicero’s happy hour was disappointing compared to Momocho’s. A few additional drink options, but no good discounts on food. So when you compare the actual menu prices of say taquitos of El Carnicero with that of Momocho, I fail to see these cheaper prices. Maybe a dollar here or there, but nothing to write home about. On my second visit, we sat at one of the tables in the middle of the restaurant. Great vibe, but again, not impressed with the options in front of me. I ordered their side of empanaditas, which are vegetarian, but probably wouldn’t get them again. I liked the way they looked (see above, left) more than how they tasted.

So back to my first visit. After I accepted the fact that I wasn’t getting a deep discount on my food, I placed my order. The guacamole with goat cheese did not disappoint. My friend and I both agreed that licking the bowl seemed like a good option. I wish I had two things of guac for my meal. Then came my entree – camaron taquitos. When visiting the aforementioned Momocho, I have loved the combinations of vegetables and salsas on my plate. This time, not so much. Carrots seemed a bit out of place with my shrimp and I definitely missed the memo about olives being included. Maybe I would’ve felt more favorable had I felt like I was getting a better value, but I’m left with a so-so impression.

Now I know that I am probably in the minority on this one, but I can’t love every place I try! I did however, have a lovely time with the supper club gals!


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