Outdoor Winter Activities in Cleveland

I must admit that when I walked out my door on Sunday afternoon and saw a winter wonderland, I was less than impressed. It was absolutely stunning, but I had hit my quota on snow this winter. I mean seriously, how much cold weather can we be expected to take? I stopped for a moment and realized that I just needed to turn this around – snow can be good, as long as we are using it to our advantage so that we can stay sane for the next month. There are plenty of great winter activities that can help boost our spirits by keeping us active and can help burn some calories in the process. So get ready to bundle up once again as we head out into the snow.

Cleveland Metroparks Tobogganing

What better way to warm up this winter than to climb a solid one hundred stairs to the top of the chute and then go plummeting down to the bottom? It only costs $10 and after a couple of hours your winter blues should be long gone. Warm up in front of one of their fireplaces and down some hot chocolate while you’re there.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

For those of you who aren’t necessarily thrill seekers and are more budget conscious, check out cross country skiing through both the Cleveland Metroparks and Lake Metroparks. Rentals are as low as $5 for an hour at Chapin Forest Reservation and $10 through the Cleveland Metroparks. Snow shoeing is also available through both metroparks.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Ever had an interest in learning how to ski or snowboard? Already ski or snowboard? Boston Mills and Brandywine ski resorts are practically in our back yard. They may not have the steepest hills, but they offer specials that give you some great, affordable options! The first choice is for ladies only – on select dates, women can receive a snow pass for $1 during their late night ski sessions. Their beginner’s package provides a ski pass, ski rental and lesson for $79. And finally, their Sunday Super Saver packages on select dates from 5-9pm provide ski rental and equipment for only $30!

Polar Blast Tubing

For those of you who are a little shaky on the skis, tubing provides a great alternative. Cost is a little steep at $25, but that includes three hours of tubing fun. Conveyor belts can take you to the top or you can opt to walk. For a real deal, purchase a 4 pack of Thursday tickets for $50.

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