Laughstaff – A Cleveland Laughing Matter

Today I have a special treat for all my devoted readers. Josh Womack, a good friend and great comedian, is guest blogging about his fabulous company, Laughstaff! Enjoy!

Okay, so Kelly is pretty optimistic about Cleveland and with good reason. Cleveland is a lot like a rookie quarterback taken in the first round, there’s a lot of upside and with the right coaching it can develop into a superstar….please try and forget Tim Couch and Brandon Weeden.

Cleveland is like Johnny Manziel….scrappy, a little controversial but with all the right tangibles. I decided to start a company here in Cleveland last year because of those ‘tangibles’.

Laughstaff was developed by me and Cameron Amigo to equip best men and matrons of honor with wedding toasts that were heartfelt, hilarious and memorable. Why Cleveland? Well because we live here and are on a budget.

Laughstaff has 12 stand-up comedians from across the country (three who live here in the 216) and the goal is to provide a working script for that wedding toast that many dread. Best men and matrons of honor do not look forward to this and usually the audience is left disappointed. This is where we come in.

We’ve done over 80 speeches for clients not only in Northeast Ohio but also in Australia, England and Canada. Jimmy Fallon has writers, so does David Letterman. Why not the best man?!

So how does Cleveland tie in to all of this? Well, the local media has been nothing short of awesome. The Plain Dealer, SCENE Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, The News Herald along with WKYC-TV3, WEWS-5 and Fox 8 have all written or featured us as being a Cleveland start-up to look out for.

We also have the benefit of working out of Shaker Launchhouse. Launchhouse is located on Lee Road on the east side and houses over 60 start-up companies here in the area with affordable, open workspace. There are great ideas here, you just have to find them.

A friend of mine said we should move Laughstaff to a region with higher disposable income like Las Vegas or LA….even if we had the money we wouldn’t. We built this city on rock and roll and are building Laughstaff one speech at a time.

Public speaking sucks. Let us help it suck less.

Follow @joshuawomack82 on twitter along with his company @Laughstaff. Or visit!

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