Gift Guide Cleveland: Experiences

GiftIt’s that time of year again. The time when I start to wonder what I’m going to purchase for the special people in my life. While a part of me wants to buy the items that are on their Christmas lists, another part of me always tries to figure out unique and fun gift ideas that people would enjoy but not expect.

You’ll notice a theme as you review this gift guide – everything is based on experiences. So rather than buying tangible gifts this year, think about getting something that will create memories throughout the whole year.

Cleveland Film Festival TicketsThe 39th annual Cleveland International Film Festival will take place from March 18 – 29, 2015. Your friends and family will love the opportunity to experience the gift of film at one of Cleveland’s best traditions. Gift certificates for the film festival can be purchased online or you can call 216-623-3456 x10.

Playhouse Square Broadway SeriesI’ve said it before (and written a post about it), I love the Broadway Series at Playhouse Square. Three years ago, my family and I decided to splurge and go in on this gift for my mom. You pay for the shows up front (or choose a payment plan) and can enjoy the gift of live entertainment seven months of the year. You can even buy Smart Tickets, which start at only $10 per show. Looking for less commitment? Buy a Playhouse Square gift card, which is good for any show. Want to buy them in person? During this time of year they have people outside of the theaters, making it easy to purchase without the hassle of parking.

Music Box Supper Club TicketsThe Music Box is one of the newest music destinations to arrive in Cleveland. Who wouldn’t love an intimate dining experience close to the stage, with fantastic performers swinging through? Not to mention the venue is right on the river. Buy tickets for upcoming performances or pick up a gift card so your family or friends can choose the show they want to see! Gift cards are good for shows, dinner and merchandise!

Other unique experiences include:

P.S. Other great gift ideas (tangible ones) will be coming later next week!

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