Smile and Ride your way around Cleveland – For free!

It’s time for you to nix any preconceived notions you may have about public transportation – especially about Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority (RTA). The RTA’s Smile and Ride green trolleys are taking over the downtown area and with good reason. With four lines that hit most of our downtown area’s major attractions, hotels and businesses, there is no easier way to get around the city.

Not only do the trolleys make your travel easier (and save your heels), it saves you some serious dough. Let’s face it – the price of parking lots around downtown Cleveland have skyrocketed this past year. It cost $30 in some lots of the JT concert, $25 for a Browns game and $15 in the Playhouse Square District. Who can afford coming downtown with prices like those? With the Smile & Ride trolleys you can park in a cheaper lot (or maybe even get extra lucky with finding a free meter) and then be taken to your final destination by trolley.

Three different lines service various areas of the city. If you end up on the wrong trolley, don’t fret, as they all will loop back through Public Square (eventually!). So ditch those negative thoughts on public transportation and take advantage of this awesome, free service. And be sure to thank those nice bus drivers when they pick you up in the subzero temperatures and lake effect snow of Cleveland. Brrr.

RTA Smile and Ride B line – links Cleveland’s major business centers

E line – the entertainment line; your connection to many of the great venues along East 4th, Playhouse Square and more

C line – connects the Horseshoe Casino, Convention Center, Warehouse District and even stops at Playhouse Square

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  1. Kelly, seriously LOVING your blog!! Thank you for all the interesting, helpful information! Keep up the foodie posts 🙂

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