Flight Cleveland: Wine Bar in the Detroit Shoreway

Picture above from Andrew Wells, Cleveland photographer.

If you’re looking for a new date night spot or just a place to catch up with friends, Flight Cleveland has you covered. Located in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, this gem opened in mid-December. It took me a few weeks to visit, but I had a feeling I was going to love this place before I even arrived. I was not disappointed.

The interior is gorgeous. You can choose to sit at the swanky bar or one of five unique seating areas, each with its own variation of ornate furniture. While you definitely get a slight 1920’s vibe, the interior also has a surprisingly modern feel. If you head to the other side of Flight, you’ll find a selection of 400 different types of wine (all for purchase) and a tasting room. Even the hallway to the bathroom is gorgeous, lined with stunning wallpaper.

Photo by Andrew Wells

If you remember the old Latitude 41, you may be surprised that this is the space Flight now occupies. The layout has completely changed and with it, comes a completely different vibe. The space is cozy and welcoming, but also has an air of sophistication. During our visit, the place filled up early. We arrived around 6 p.m. on a Saturday and didn’t have a problem finding a seat, but as it got closer to 8 p.m., seating was scarce.

Now for the really important part – drinks. You have the option to order a glass (or bottle) of wine, or choose from a list of pre-selected flights that include three different wine tastings. Each taster comes with a card (that kind of reminds me of Monopoly property cards), and provides more information about what you’re drinking, should you care to upgrade to a glass or bottle. You also can select your own flight or even order the beer flight if wine isn’t your thing.

While the food menu isn’t extensive, there are some cheese and meat plates, including olives, nuts and fruit options. We opted for the cheese plate. It was excellent, with five different types of cheeses and plenty of bread to go around.

Overall, our visit was a lot of fun. We loved the ambiance of the bar and the drinks were great too. I am already looking forward to my next visit.

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