Top 20 Pictures You Need to Take When Visiting Cleveland

To help welcome all of our new visitors into the city, I’ve compiled a list of must see places around Cleveland that will give them the most #Instagram worthy shots. So go ahead and give indulge your inner tourist, as there is a reason these are some of the most photographed spots around town.

  1. Greetings from Cleveland Mural located in Ohio City off West 25th Street. A photograph with this colorful mural is a must and it’s only a 5 minute walk from the West Side Market.

    Kelly Greetings
    #greetingsfromcleveland #ohiocity
  2. West Side Market aerial view from the second floor balcony. Find the stairs at the front of the building and take in the market from a totally different perspective. Plus you can scope out where you want to shop without the massive crowds.

    West Side Market
  3. Superior Viaduct Bridge. Walk out onto this old bridge for some of the most beautiful views of Cleveland and the Cuyahoga River. Plus it happens to be the spot where my hubby proposed, so bonus points!

    Superior Viaduct
    #superiorviaductbridge #thisiscle #clevelandcityskyline
  4. GE Chandelier in Playhouse Square. As the largest outdoor chandelier, it’s a site that at least deserves a photo stop. Tip: It’s best viewed at night when it is all lit up.

    #gechandelier #playhousesquare
  5. Edgewater Park at Sunset. Located just five minutes from downtown Cleveland, Edgewater Park gives you peace and tranquility and beautiful views of the lake. Plus our sunsets are stellar.

    Edgewater Sunset
    #edgewaterpark #sunset
  6. Cleveland Signs strategically placed around Cleveland. These signs are quickly becoming the go-to pictures for locals and visitors alike. These signs can be found at Voinovich Park, Edgewater Park (upper) and Tremont.

    Cleveland Sign Downtown
    #thisiscle #voinovichpark #clevelandskyline #northcoastharbor
  7. East 4th Street. While also of the most happening streets in downtown Cleveland for restaurants and bars, this street is too pretty not to be photographed. Even Nena thinks so!

    East 4th Street
  8. Heinen’s Grocery Store. You’ll rarely have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful space that is also home to a grocery store. Aside from the stunning stained glass and architecture, you can do beer and wine tastings on the second floor.

    Heinens Ceiling
    #heinens #rotunda
  9. Fountain of Eternal Life. Easily one of my favorite stops in downtown Cleveland, you should definitely check out the beautiful detail of this memorial.

    Green Memorial Fountain
  10. The Old Arcade. Home to one of the first shopping malls in America, this arcade is absolutely stunning and home to the Hyatt Hotel.

    Old Arcade
    #oldarcadecleveland #hyatt
  11. The Guardians. Known officially as the Guardians of Transportation, these giant statues adorn both sides of the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. You can either walk from Downtown to Ohio City over the bridge or catch a glimpse from the Towpath Trail down below.

    Guardian from the Towpath
  12. LeBron James Mural. While it was cool before, now that the CAVS won the NBA Championships this is a must take picture. And for all your RNC visitors, it is right outside the Q.

    LeBron James Mural
    #lebronjames #clevelandcavaliers #nbachampions
  13. Giant Freighters on the Cuyahoga River. Head on down to the river and see for yourself that it is looking better then ever and definitely not on fire. From the Flats East Bank (or West) you’ll have a prime viewing spot for these giant ships, while also the luxury of eating or drinking while you wait.

    Sam Laud Freighter on the Cuyahoga
    #freighter #cuyahogariver
  14. Terminal Tower. One of the most iconic buildings in downtown Cleveland being kissed by a giant bird. What could be better than that? But seriously, capture a shot of the Terminal Tower and the colorful art that is scattered throughout the city.

    Terminal Tower
    #terminaltower #landsstudio
  15. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and City Skyline from Voinovich Park. While Cleveland has many beautiful skyline views, the picture from Voinovich Park is one of the best. Turn 90 degrees and you’ll also have great views of Lake Erie.

    Downtown from Voinovich
    #rockandrollhalloffame #clevelandskyline #northcoastharbor
  16. Free Stamp. As strange as this giant stamp may be, it definitely deserves a picture or two.

    #freestamp #willardpark
  17. Tremont Skyline View. This view of the city from Abbey Road gives you a more industrial perspective of the city, which is a huge part of our history.

    Tremont Skyline View
    #thisiscle #clevelandskyline
  18. A Christmas Story House. A trip to Cleveland probably wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the Christmas Story House. Plus, props are set-up all around the house to pose for silly pictures.

    Christmas Story House
    #achristmasstoryhouse #leglamp
  19. Murals in Waterloo. The largest concentration of street art has to be located in the Waterloo area of Cleveland. Located about ten minutes from downtown, you’ll be shocked at the amount of murals in such a small area. While you’re there, grab a pizza at Citizen Pie!

    Waterloo Mural
  20. Atrium at the Cleveland Museum of Art. This shot was taken on the second floor of the atrium, but don’t forget about the beautiful views OUTSIDE the museum as well.

    Atrium Upper

What’s your favorite #Instagram worthy shot in Cleveland? Share below!

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