Why my [downtown] backyard is better than yours

Whoever said that you can’t have it all, clearly didn’t live in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. My personal favorite area of downtown is the Warehouse District, but I’m partial. “My backyard” literally has something for everyone, and provides endless activities and fun throughout the year. Keep in mind that I am using the term “backyard” loosely, as I’m pretty much referring to the entire Flats area as my backyard in this particular post. You’ll understand pretty quickly why it’s so great.

Flats East Bank. I’m pretty sure that this one doesn’t even need an explanation as most of Cleveland has probably checked out at least one of the new bars/restaurants that have opened within the last couple of months. Crop Rocks, Alley Cat, Punch Bowl Social, Beerhead, Flip Side and the list goes on and on. I don’t even know where to go once I’m there as there are so many great choices. And let’s not forget about the awesome new boardwalk that lines the Cuyahoga. Double score.

Boardwalk Ken Stewarts

Instant concert access at Jacobs Pavilion. All I have to do is grab a lawn chair or blanket and I have access to free concerts all night long. Or I just open up my window and listen to live music while hanging out in the comfort of my apartment.

A neighborhood dog park. While my pooch doesn’t necessarily play well with others, the dog park is a great option for the other local pets to congregate and get some fresh air.

Scranton Towpath. Not only do I have the benefit of city living, but now I have even better access to our park system with the addition to the existing Scranton Towpath. More than a mile of river and city views, provides a brief oasis to an otherwise very industrial area. For a nice three mile loop start at the fire station on Scranton and loop around on Columbus.

Towpath Willeyville

Savory restaurants and happening bars. While the Flats East Bank definitely is the flavor of the month, there are other options in our backyard that include The Music Box Supper Club, Shooters, Brick & Barrel, The Flat Iron and Luca to name a few. Finding a place to eat or drink is never hard to do.

Jet ski and kayak rentals at GL Watersports. Directly across the river next to The Music Box Supper Club, you’ll find rentals to take up and down the Cuyahoga. Who doesn’t love being out on the water? You can even rent a boat for the day if you’re feeling adventurous.

Giant freight boats passing through day and night. There is something amazing about watching these giant boats pass through the Cuyahoga River daily.


Killer Sunsets. I’ve traveled all over the world and have yet to find a sunset that is better than what we are blessed with in Cleveland.

Take a Hike Tour. Every Sunday morning at 10 a.m., Clevelanders and tourists alike congregate at Settler’s Landing to learn about the area of The Flats and the history around it. Local actors play the part of significant Clevelanders.

Public transportation at my doorstep. I walk out of my back door and have less than a 5 minute walk in either direction to one of two RTA Rapid stations. I can get to Cleveland Hopkins in under 45 minutes without the hefty cost of a cab. If I head out the front door, I have instant access to the free Smile & Ride trolley that services the immediate downtown area.

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