Top 10 Reasons I Love Having a Dog Downtown

  1. I  make new friends daily. Aside from the select few, people immediately start cooing as soon as they see a cute dog. Granted they pay more attention to my dog than me, but it’s an immediate ice breaker.
  2. Breath of fresh air. Literally. I spend far more time outdoors than I ever used to BN – before Nena. I’ve never really been a morning person, but stepping out into the crisp morning air each morning is the best way I can think to starting my day.
  3. I’m staying fit. I go on at least three walks a day with my pooch. I’m out there rain or shine, because I honestly don’t have a choice. But my body thanks me for it.
  4. I really SEE the city. How often do we see people walking down the street with eyes glued to their phones and not even paying attention to where they are walking? First off, if I even tried to look at my phone and walk my dog I would instantly trip and fall on my face, but I also look around and really take notice of the small details downtown.
  5. Smiles. Prior to getting a dog I never really talked to anyone in my building. With a dog, people are immediately friendlier. Something about seeing a dog looking up at you, instantly brings out a smile in most people. At least in the people who have a heart.
  6. I feel safe. While I’ve never been one of those people who has ever been scared to walk around downtown by myself, I know that with Nena most people aren’t going to even think twice about messing with me.
  7. I always have a partner in crime. Whenever I feel like checking out one of the fun events going on downtown (i.e. live concerts at the Rock Hall) I never have an excuse for not going if no one else is free. Nena is always up for anything that involves us getting out of the apartment.
  8. I stay in the know. I’m always checking out different walking routes, so we see how the city is changing and growing daily. The progress on some of the buildings downtown is amazing.
  9. I’m greeted with a tail wagging and butt wiggling pup when I come home. While true for every person who owns a dog whether you live downtown or not, my pup is always happy to see me. My mood is immediately lifted the moment I walk through the door and I’m greeted by her.
  10. Picking up guys (or girls).  While I’m off the market, I can see what a great resource Nena would be for hooking up. Seriously, if anyone is ever looking to pick up a date, a dog is the best way to get that conversation started. And she’s available for a nominal fee. Just kidding!

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