Cleveland’s a Winter Wonderland

It’s a winter wonderland downtown, and I love it. I’ll admit that I wouldn’t mind summer coming tomorrow either, but there is something magical about the snow clinging to the tree branches and the frozen Cuyahoga River. I begrudgingly took my pooch for a walk yesterday, as the snow fell around us like a snow globe. It would’ve been easier to curl up on the couch and bum it for the evening but I’ve been trying to practice her training daily. So outside we went.

It was beautiful. Very few people are out and about downtown in the winter (especially on the weekend mornings), so we had the city pretty much to ourselves. We enjoyed watching a flock of fifty or so geese land on the banks of the river, observed seagulls waddling across the frozen river top and saw two cranes puff out their feathers as they kept warm from the cool winter wind.

These magical moments only happen a few times a year – when the weather conditions allow. Walking downtown at wintertime is an experience not to be missed. Although it can be a tad chilly (especially today and tomorrow), the views are well worth the rosy cheeks. So whether or not you have a dog or an excuse to get outside, make one. Walk around the city and the frozen river banks and even hit up parks by the lake. Because whether you like winter or not, the beauty of the snow and ice clinging to everything is not to be missed. And just maybe, you’ll forget how much you hate winter, if just for a second. 

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