Piccadilly Artisan Creamery Serves Up Perfection

So you’re going to have to forgive me here, but I’m coming down from a pretty serious Cleveland high. I kicked off my day yesterday by riding my bike to some free yoga at Transformer Station in Hingetown. After yoga, my friend and I headed down to University Circle. Yesterday was Cleveland Foundation Day at Wade Oval, meaning there was free entry to the Natural History Museum, Art Museum special exhibits, Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. We took advantage of the latter two.

It was a perfect day to be outside, enjoying the gardens and soaking up some rays. After exploring the Botanical Gardens we were in serious need of a refreshment. We walked the few minutes to Uptown (part of University Circle) and discovered Piccadilly Artisan Creamery. I had seen signs for Piccadilly in Ohio City and had been wanting to check it out since I knew they used all organic ingredients. What we didn’t know, was that yesterday was their opening day!

While there are two other shops in Cleveland (Coventry and Ohio City), this shop goes beyond your standard frozen yogurt shop. The creamery in Uptown is putting a serious twist on ice cream making, and they do it right infront of you. So how are they different you ask? You choose the dairy, flavors and toppings, which are then blended together using a Kitchen Aid mixer and liquid nitrogen.

The coolest part (literally) is the cool smoke that flows from the mixer, as the ice cream is churned. The liquid nitrogen is 320 degrees below zero, making sure that the water particles in the dairy don’t have the opportunity to crystalize.  This makes the ice cream super creamy and provides a ridiculously rich flavor. I ordered the Fresh Mint with brownies, and I swear I still have clean breath from the mint. It was delicious!

The best part about the ice cream is that all dairy is local and grass fed, with zero antibiotics, hormones or coloring. With the lack of preservatives, ice cream can last 30 days if you order pints to go. The inside of the creamery is very industrial, with a whimsical touch. I absolutely love the decor! Currently there are only about 25-30 of these types of ice cream shops in the country, but the brothers who own the shop think this is the next big thing in ice cream. Prices are reasonable, at $4.50 for a small, which is two scoops and $5.75 for a large. The only downside I could see is that with only three mixers to create these tasty treats, wait times could get long in the summer.

Have you been to Piccadilly yet? Let us know your favorite flavor!

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