Dazzle the District in Pictures

For weeks I have been anxiously awaiting the Dazzle the District event at Playhouse Square. So I was a little nervous on Friday when the event actually arrived, that maybe I had built it up a little too much. Turns out, it was just as fabulous as I had anticipated. Almost 20,000 people came out to support Dazzle the District. And what was even better – it didn’t end up raining!

We spent the first part of the evening at the private event at Cibreo. Free food, two free drinks and a dazzler commemorative cup and I was more than thrilled! After enjoying delicious Italian food, we ventured outside to check out the crowds. I’m not going to lie – it felt like we were in a city other than Cleveland. Now you know that I love Cleveland, but we don’t have events of this magnitude that often and it was pretty awesome!

We had a great time all evening, eating and drinking and enjoying the free music. My only complaint was in regards to their sound system, as we couldn’t hear what most of the presenters were saying. I felt like they could’ve left out a performer or two as well, but again, if I could’ve heard them better I may have enjoyed it more. Other than that, I think Playhouse Square did a bang up job on this one!


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