Local Flavor on Tap – The Tremont Tap House

Driving by The Tremont Tap House you might miss it at first glance. A green brick building with red accents, it blends right in with the many historic homes of the neighborhood. As you venture inside, the Tap House has the comfort of home, with the style of a trendy pub. Exposed brick walls give off an industrial feel, while the dark wood makes the gastropub warm and cozy. A long bar stretches along the left side of the pub, with booths on the right  and tables in the back. And when we really get lucky and the weather is nice in Cleveland, there is a spacious outdoor patio to sit and relax while you sip a nice cold beer.

I arrived at the Tremont Tap House right around happy hour on a Wednesday. I was meeting a friend for dinner and was early. I plopped down at the bar and ordered a Fat Head’s Bumble Berry while I waited. Like every time I visit the Tap House, the service was great and I had a beer sitting in front of me within moments. Many of their draft beers are discounted for happy hour, along with several food options. While I’ve taken advantage of their happy hour specials, I have a set go-to meal at the Tap House.

Most times I’ll order their light and delicious house salad ($6) with an order of their perogies ($8.50). Now some would argue that you can’t make a meal out of perogies, but I beg to differ. The sauce that they use for that dish is heavenly. I could eat them every day of the week and never tire of them. I would probably gain about 20 pounds, but it would be well worth it. I’ve also tried their Mac & Cheese ($12) and Wild Mushroom Pizza ($12). Both are very tasty, but I always end up going back to my favorite.

While I’ve got my go-to meal solidified, I’m never quite certain which beer I’d like to try. As the name suggests, The Tremont Tap House has an extensive beer list with over 100 options. They even offer a Sampler for $10 that allows you to try four hefty samples of beer so you can take advantage of their vast selection. I’m terrible at making decisions so the sampler is a perfect option  for me and it’s great for sharing. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

The Tremont Tap House has been gracious enough to donate a $25 gift card to one lucky reader. Go to @cleunleashed or @TremontTapHouse on Twitter for a chance to win. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 14th.

Update: Congratulations to @MusicMan06 for winning the $25 gift certificate to the Tremont Tap House. A special thanks to the Tap House for their generous donation!

2572 Scranton Road, Cleveland, OH; Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 4pm – 12am, Saturday 11am – 1am and Sunday 10am – 11pm

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