5 Best Downtown Cleveland Coffee Shops

I won’t even bother to deny the fact that I’m a coffee addict. I blame this partly on my complete lack of self-control and there happens to be a Starbucks right next door to where I work. While I love Starbucks for my grande nonfat raspberry cappuccino with one less pump of raspberry (a.k.a. The Kelly Cappuccino) and the fabulous staff that know my order by heart, there are so many other local coffee shops downtown that also top my list.

Coffee Cleveland

  1. ERIE ISLAND COFFEE CO: Typically this is my weekend coffee stop. Located right on the hopping East 4th Street, I’ll swing into Erie Island for an Ivory Mocha ($4.05) after my yoga class at the House of Blues. Paired with a tomato crush panini ($5.25), I’m in heaven and have also completely counterbalanced my workout in one fail swoop. Totally worth it! Plus, they have a cozy interior and spacious outdoor patio.
  2. THE COPPER MOON: This coffee shop is my newest favorite, nestled in the lobby of the Statler Arms on East 12th and Euclid. I sampled both the Raspberry White Mocha and the Maple Cinnamon Latte, both of which I would order again in a heart beat. I was shocked to find out that the coffee shop has been there for five years! How is it that I’m just finding out about this place now?
  3. POUR CLEVELAND: One of my favorite things about Pour is the decor and ambience. The trendy lighting and minimalist design is unique to the coffee shop setting of downtown Cleveland. While typically I enjoy a sugar filled specialty drink, here I opt for the traditional coffee that is you guessed it, roaster poured over into each cup. It’s one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever sampled.
  4. RISING STAR: New to the downtown scene (they have multiple other locations), this coffee shop is situated in one of my favorite buildings downtown – The Old Arcade. I was thrown the first time I went there due to the lack of sugary syrups that I typically like to add to my coffee. I ended up ordering the Cardamom Bomb ($4.05), where the milk is steamed with a brown sugar and cardamom mixture for flavor.
  5. PHOENIX COFFEE: Phoenix has a great space on East 9th Street. The couches invite you to stay awhile and enjoy the expertly brewed coffee. I usually stick with their lattes or cappuccinos, while adding a bit of vanilla syrup. This stop is fairly close to where I work, so it’s the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and a great specialty drink.
Where is your favorite coffee shop? Share suggestions in the comments section!

Cleveland Coffee Map

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