Bonbon: The Best French Toast in Town

Hot chocolate at Bon Bon

Update (8/18/18): Bonbon is no longer in business.

The very first time I stumbled into Bonbon was to sample their decadent hot chocolate, rated as one of the top 10 hot chocolates in Cleveland by Scene magazine last fall. While I wasn’t blown away by the hot chocolate – not hot enough, but copious amounts of delicious whip cream – I found a new love when I sampled their seasonal french toast.

While my husband lives by the breakfast staple – eggs, bacon, and toast – I am a sweet breakfast eater and love anything that more closely resembles dessert than breakfast. Enter the french toast at Bonbon Pastry & Cafe. Every time I’ve ordered the french toast it has been prepared differently. And each time I try it, I am blown away by the delicious combination of flavors.

Is your mouth watering yet just looking at those pictures? The first picture was a delicious combination of bourbon maple syrup, peaches, and walnuts. The middle picture was the sweetest concoction I tried with white chocolate chips, mixed berries, mascarpone and whipped cream. The last picture looks like it has apples on it, but I honestly have no recollection of what deliciousness it could be topped with.

As I finished eating the french toast above, the waitress stopped by and asked me if I’d like any dessert. I’m pretty sure that french toast qualifies as dessert for today AND tomorrow.

What’s your favorite place in the city to get french toast? Is Bonbon your favorite too?

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