The Spotted Owl: One Girl’s Opinion

Spotted OwlLike any Clevelander in the know, I was excited to check out one of the newest drinking spots in Cleveland, The Spotted Owl. While typically a beer drinker, I also appreciate a well crafted cocktail. So a few friends and I made reservations for The Spotted Owl, located in the Tremont Lofts.

When you approach the bar, there is a pewter sign with an owl hanging above the brick entryway. You walk through a short pathway before entering the bar. The walls are all brick, which gives off a cool, modern feeling. The lighting is dim so you almost feel like you are in someone’s very swanky basement. Beautiful stained glass windows are showcased behind the bar, and tables are made out of refurbished doors.

While the overall vibe is very trendy and industrial, the seating around the booths is incredibly uncomfortable. I love a nicely done bench seat, but my butt was hurting after only 15 minutes of sitting down. It was so uncomfortable that I took the pillow that was resting against the wall to sit on. Seats looked a tad more comfortable at the bar and close to the entryway you’ll find a couple couches.

Plan on eating before you get to The Spotted Owl, as they only serve booze and a couple of snack items. Drinks are well made and they use only freshly concocted ingredients in their cocktails. What we really liked was that you could order off the menu, meaning they can easily whip up something that you don’t see spelled out. I’m a huge fan of the French 75 and their version was fantastic. I also ordered a traditional Cosmo, which was tasty but a bit too orangey for my liking. Drinks hover in the $10-14 range.

The Spotted Owl may be a tad too hipster for my scene. While I appreciate what they’ve done with the place and the location, it’s a bit too cold and stoic for me. Maybe that was only because I was freezing all night. I enjoyed the cocktails but I couldn’t imagine spending an entire evening at this place – and my wallet couldn’t either. It’s a nice place to stop in for a drink at either the beginning or end of the evening, but not all night. Or maybe that’s just one girl’s opinion. Clearly people are feeling it, as the place was hopping all evening long!


2 thoughts on “The Spotted Owl: One Girl’s Opinion

  1. Nope, the bar stools are even worse to sit in. I recently had a long conversation with the owner, who was really awesome and passionate, and he’s considering swapping out some of the seating.

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