Urban Farmer: Chic and Not Cheap

20141008_120805Before you say anything, I know it may seem a little odd that a vegetarian is writing about Urban Farmer, a steak house. However, I have been very interested in checking out this restaurant ever since they opened as part of the Westin on the corner of East 6th and St. Clair. I think the fabulous mural painted on the exterior is what hooked me first. Mostly because it of a herd of cows in the midst of a city.

When I entered the restaurant I immediately fell in love with the interior design. Fantastic light fixtures, as well as chic decor really made me feel like I was in for a high class experience with a touch of rural charm. In addition to the decor, the restaurant displays which local farms and vendors were used for the food that you’ll be consuming on that day. I love when restaurants buy local, so I think it adds a nice touch when you know exactly who you’re supporting.

While the decor really did it for me, the menu did not. You may think that I should’ve known better going to a primarily steak restaurant, but honestly I usually never have a problem finding something to eat no matter where I go. Some restaurants (like Blue Point) even have a separate vegetarian menu. Take note Urban Farmer – you should do that! Anyhow, there were two salad options that didn’t include meat and one Cavatelli option for their lunch menu. The dinner menu is a tad better but not much. If you’re a pescetarian, you won’t be disappointed as they provide an array of seafood options.

I ended up ordering the Caesar Salad and added shrimp ($22). It was phenomenal but not worth $22. Since they are located in a hotel, they probably have a lot of people with expense accounts swinging through so they can easily afford it. For the average person, not so much. I would definitely be open to coming back and checking out their brunch menu in the near future. That menu looks absolutely scrumptuous!


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