Cleveland to Host 2016 Republican National Convention

Republican Convention

The Republican National Convention is coming to Cleveland! If by some chance you haven’t already heard, it was announced earlier this week that Cleveland was chosen over Dallas, Texas to host the next Republic National Convention in June or July 2016. 

I don’t care what political party you belong to or feel strongly about; this is a big deal for Cleveland. Not only do we have a huge number of people that will be spending money to come to our great city in 2016, but we also have the opportunity to show people from all over the country how great Cleveland is. It will be our opportunity to shine and to show everyone how far our city has grown even in the past few years.

Our little rust belt city is going to impress too, because we have been pumping money and love into this city at a pretty steady pace recently. By the time the convention arrives we’ll have the shiny new Hilton Downtown Hotel completed, The 9 Cleveland will already be into it’s second year, and the Flats East Bank will be hopping again with new apartments, a boardwalk and swanky new restaurants. We might even have a completely revamped Public Square if those plans continue to progress.

More importantly, we have the people of Cleveland. Never in my life have I met people who feel so passionately about where they live. We might talk trash about our city when the weather turns cold and we are into our sixth month of winter, but if anyone else dares to talk smack about our city we will defend her to the end. And this is because who know about her hidden gems and the uphill battle we have fought to get where we are today.

Other improvements to the city include the completion of the facade on the Federal Building (although who am I kidding, we’ll be lucky if that is finished within the next 10 years), the 1717 apartment complex on East 9th and the refurbishing of the “beloved” Free Stamp. 

So get ready to start bragging about the great city to Cleveland as Republicans swarm the streets in the summer of 2016. This is such a great win for the city of Cleveland and we’ll be ready to blow their socks off. 

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