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A few short weeks ago, I returned home to Cleveland from my relaxing vacation in Punta Cana where the temperature had been 85, to it being a mere 11 degrees. I could literally feel my skin getting ready to peel off right then and there. Not only had I been tanning for the past seven days on a beach, I was now exposing my skin to negative wind chill. Lucky for me, I had a surprise waiting when I got home – samples from Barefoot Life Products. I could practically hear my skin jumping for joy at the prospect of replenishing the moisture it so clearly had lost.

I started sampling the products right away. I tried the Whipped Shea Butter first. As I read the label, I realized that I actually knew what each of the ingredients were in the Shea butter. So often I find that there are all kinds of ingredients in the products I use and I have no clue what they are. For example, I just learned that many of our cosmetics and hair care products use parabens to make the products last longer. Unfortunately paraben is not a natural substance and when absorbed into the skin it can alter our endocrine system.

It turns out that Georgette and Jim, the founders of Barefoot Life Products, started their home based company for that exact reason. They wanted to find an alternative to the harmful chemicals that are found in almost all of the products we use – from moisturizers and soaps to cleaning products and more. By using products made of 100% natural ingredients, we are reducing the amount of chemicals that enter our blood stream and cutting down on the amount of toxins in our bodies. Many of these toxins have been linked to cancers and other health issues, so why risk it?

So back to the Shea butter. Basically, I love it! And my peeling, now un-tan skin loves it too. The Shea butter is silky soft and leaves my skin super moisturized. Plus, I now know that I’m not absorbing harmful chemicals into my body. The Whipped Shea Butter that I sampled is called Bergamot Blend, which reminds me of a lighter Aveda scent. It also comes in Lavender and Peppermint Candy ($11). One tip: After applying the Shea butter, wait a few minutes before putting your clothes on. It takes a couple minutes to really soak in.

I also tried their lotion bar in Eucalyptus Peppermint. I accidentally used it as lip balm the first time, as it comes in a container that looks similar to chapstick. It turns out that it works great for both your lips and skin. It is super compact and easy to carry on the go. After scouring through their website, I found that they also sell Pumpkin Seed Butter Lotion Bars, which I’ll need to order next as pumpkin is one of my favorite scents. The travel size is only $3, which is the size of a normal chapstick and the 2 oz size is $9.

The more educated I become about the products I use and the food I consume, I find it more difficult to ignore the fact that we need to actively find better alternatives. Barefoot Life Products provides one opportunity to impact the amount of chemicals that come in contact with our bodies, and you’re supporting a local business in the process!

To learn more about Barefoot Life Products and to order products click here.

2 thoughts on “Shop Local and All Natural – Barefoot Life Products

  1. We love Barefoot Life Products in our household! The lotion bars and whipped shea butter are our favorite! Their products don’t aggravate my overly sensitive skin either!

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