Last Week of CIFF 38

If you haven’t had time to swing by the Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) yet, you still have plenty of time! Films are running today through Sunday, March 30th. Take a day off of work and see three or four in a row. Or take a long lunch, grab some popcorn and relax. Or spice up your after work happy hour, with a film too!

Today is my fourth shift volunteering for the film festival. This was my first year as a volunteer and I can already tell you that I have every intention of signing up to do it again next year. Not only do I get two free vouchers after each shift I “work”, but I get the inside scoop on all of the movies! After each movie, viewers vote on the film they just watched. One of the volunteers’ jobs is to count those ballots. Therefore, I am able to see which movies are getting excellent reviews and which are duds (although there truly aren’t many!).  Then I can plan what shows I need to squeeze in.

As of day seven, here are some films that people rated highly and still have show times available:

gorevidal04Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia: This captivating documentary follows Gore Vidal through his various public and private personas. Footage includes Vidal’s television appearances with interviews from the last few years of his life. This documentary is an insightful portrait of the rabble-rouser as writer, politician, and caustic social critic. Offering thoughts on economics, foreign policy, LGBT rights, and even national security, Vidal’s contributions are more relevant today than ever before.

Showing: March 29th at 11:25 a.m.

horsesoffukushimaThe Horses of Fukushima: I personally would love to see this film, but I am far too emotionally attached to animals. Fukushima, Japan has a thousand-year-old tradition of horsemanship. But modern technology brings with it modern disasters, and in March 2011 a massive tsunami caused the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant to release substantial amounts of radiation. Less than 20 km away, 40 horses miraculously survived the tsunami. But when the government commanded people to evacuate the disaster zone, many of the horses were left behind to starve. Shinichiro Tanaka is one stubborn rancher who returns, but refuses to slaughter his irradiated livestock as ordered.  This stunning documentary that tells the story of what Japanese society lost by buying into nuclear power through the fate of these resilient animals. Note: Some scenes contain graphic animal imagery.

Showing: March 25th at 9pm and March 26th at 5:20pm

7dimg5092That Burning Feeling:  Boy meets girl. Boy sleeps with girl. Boy doesn’t really know girl’s name, but that’s okay because boy has no intention of calling girl. Boy contracts a little something that rhymes with “shmonorrhea.” When Adam, a young womanizing professional, has to retrace his recent flings and inform them of his predicament, he never imagines the turns his once empty life will take. This romantic comedy takes the audience on a comic journey of self-discovery as Adam searches for meaning from the very people who know him best: the women he didn’t care to know at all.

Showing: March 29th at 7pm (stand-by)

There are so many films that got fantastic reviews but have no additional showings through the duration of the festival. For those films that win awards at the end of the festival, many will end up at the Cedar Lee Theater. In addition, films from the festival are made available at the Cleveland Public Library after the festival concludes. Keep these films in mind for future rental:

  • A Thousand Times Goodnight
  • The Congress
  • Ivory Tower
  • Beyond the Walls
  • A Birder’s Guide to Everything
  • Adieu Paris
  • Paris or Perish


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