My Favorite Cleveland Spots: Part I

I put these in alphabetical order, as to not rank one above the other. I love them all equally and in their own way. Wow, I just sounded like a parent trying to deny they have a favorite child! Anyway, what are some of your favorite spots in Cleveland? Do you think I’m missing one that should definitely make the list? Let me know!

Cleveland Public LibraryWith all of the technology we have at our fingertips, nothing makes me happier than reading a real book. I have a Kindle, which is great for traveling, but I love turning the pages of a real, paper book. Before I even moved downtown, I used the Cleveland Public Library on Superior as my main library. I love the interior of the old library and the beautiful paintings that grace the walls. There is something magical about entering through those doors and seeing the beautiful marble staircases and the high, vaulted ceilings. Plus its so convenient for whenever I need to pick up my next travel book or novel!

Cleveland Public Library

East 4th Street Yoga/Erie Island CoffeeI know, I know. I already mentioned my Saturday morning ritual in a previous post, but this truly is one of my favorite things to do in the city. It will be even nicer when the weather improves as I walk to the House of Blues for this free (and fabulous) yoga class. I get my zen on with all the other yogis who appreciate a free class and then head over to Erie Island Coffee to enjoy a giant mug of ivory mocha (they even put it in a real mug with a pretty design on top) and a crush panini. The PB&J and the grilled cheese with tomato are both to die for! Feel free to join our group if you see us gabbing after class!

East 4th Street

Grumpy’s Breakfast: You know that you frequent a place too often when they start knowing you by name. This would be the case with my fiancé and I, as we spend many Saturday or Sunday mornings indulging in the delicious, and inexpensive breakfast options at Grumpy’s. Located in Tremont right on West 14th, you have to make sure you get to Grumpy’s before 10am or you’ll be waiting upwards of an hour some days for a table. Apparently Derek and I aren’t the only ones that love their breakfast food and awesome ambiance. Local artists feature their work on the walls for a gallery type feel, which I can’t help but to enjoy as I gorge on pumpkin pancakes ($5.25) or their mushroom and cheese omelet with a side of cajun home fries ($8.25). Yum!


West Side MarketSo I can’t think of one person that wouldn’t want the West Side Market on their list. I absolutely love the architecture of that building and could spend hours wandering aimlessly down the aisles. Most times I really just need fresh produce from outside, but I love stopping inside to grab a pizza bagel or a yummy crepe. I love haggling with the vendors and checking out what each place has to offer. I can’t wait for the weather to get a little bit nicer, as I plan on riding my bike there in the near future.

West Side Market

Whiskey Island/Wendy ParkUp until a few years ago, I had no idea that this area of Cleveland existed. I knew of Edgewater Park, but I didn’t realize that once you drove past the always stinky sewage plant, there existed a nice beach area, restaurant/bar and of course, volleyball courts. Ever since we started playing volleyball there three years ago, I make sure to frequent this area of Cleveland during the warm, summer months. The sunsets are amazing, and  many times you’ll find Nalu hanging out at the beach offering paddleboarding. Be careful though – it’s addicting!

Whiskey Island



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