Downtown Cleveland Needs An Ice Cream Shop

Ice CreamEach week, I find new ways to highlight the awesome places and events going on in our city. I love living in downtown Cleveland, but over the last few months I’ve realized we are seriously lacking in one particular area. Yes there are tons of restaurants and bars to keep us occupied for months, but where are all the ice cream shops? How is it possible that we don’t have one respectable ice cream shop in all of downtown?

With froyo becoming such a popular trend you would think that we could at least get one of those franchises to set up shop downtown. What is almost worse, is that between West 3rd and West 6th there is a giant Menchie’s sign that takes up the entire length of the building it’s posted on. At first I thought that they were advertising downtown because they were going to be opening a Menchie’s in the area. Now I think they were just trying to taunt and tease us, since that sign has been up for months and still no ice cream venues as far as the eye can see.

Mitchell'sNow I know that Mitchell’s is setting up shop in Ohio City and will be opening later this month. The historic Rialto Theatre has been renovated to accommodate their headquarters, an ice cream factory where guests can tour and taste, and an ice cream shop. Although I’m ecstatic to check it out, it’s not within walking distance for downtown residents. What happens when the weather finally gets nice and I’m craving a cold, delicious ice cream cone? Someone needs to bring ice cream to downtown Cleveland.

lsUntil then, I guess I’ll just have to get my ice cream fix from one of the best ice cream shops in Cleveland, Honey Hut Ice Cream Shoppe. If you’ve never been there, you are definitely missing out. Most visitors love their Honey Pecan ice cream, but I’m a fan of the Orange Blossom and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Honey Graham Cracker is another seasonal favorite. So if you are looking for a way to cheer you up and think of summer, you should swing by the Old Brooklyn Honey Hut on March 17th as they open for their 40th season!

One thought on “Downtown Cleveland Needs An Ice Cream Shop

  1. Definitely check out Sweetie Fry in Cleveland Heights! Its an amazing little shop that has some awesome flavors and even better specialty fries 😛

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