For the love of beer festivities

What better way to forget about the arctic weather outside, than to drown yourself in a nice cold beer? After a few pints, you’ll be transported to some place warmer and fuzzier – if not only just in your head. The words “winter vortex” will soon cease to exist.

Now one or two drinks are not going to do the trick here. As Clevelanders, we are not that easily fooled. To get the job done right, we are going to need a hearty selection of beers and mass quantities if possible. We have easy access to some great breweries – Market Garden Brewery, Nano Brewery, Great Lakes Brewery, etc. – but wouldn’t it be better if they were all in one place? No running from place to place freezing our tush off? Fortunately we are all in luck, as the inaugural Cleveland Winter Beerfest is coming to town tomorrow (January 31st) and February 1st at the Cleveland Convention Center.

Cleveland BeerfestCleveland’s Winter Beerfest will feature around 90 vendors, serving over 300 craft brews to lucky patrons. Tickets include 25 samples served in a 5oz souvenir mug, plus there will live entertainment and tasty treats! The event starts at 7:30 p.m. and costs $35 in advance and $45 at the door. If you want to feel extra special, purchase their VIP ticket and get let in a whole hour early to sample specialty craft beers that might not even make it until the official open. Those tickets cost $45 in advance and $55 at the door. We opted for the VIP tickets, so if you get there at 7:30 p.m. I’ll be the one already passed out in my beer! 

If you don’t have enough notice to practice chugging your das boots, don’t worry, there are other beer related events in the coming weeks.

Winter ChallengeFebruary 8, Tremont Taphouse Winter Beerfest and Frozen Challenge

For the more active beer drinking experience, Tremont Taphouse will be hosting the Winter Beerfest and Frozen Challenge, which includes specialty winter brews and games! Start drinking as early as 11a.m., with games commencing at noon! Pick your poison with either turkey bowling, puck shot, shuffle board or beer luge. All provide you the opportunity to win some great prizes.


winter-warmerMarch 1, Winter Warmer Festival

The Winter Warmer Festival benefits the Ohio Craft Brewers Association. Winter and limited edition brews will be served at this event, along with great food from some of our local food trucks. What better way to spend a day than to come to Windows on the River from 2 – 6 p.m.? It costs $45 for 20 samples served in a souvenir glass, and live entertainment from blues artist, Austin Walkin’ Cane! 

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