Support Local Farmers – Get Free Pizza at Bar Cento January 7th doesn’t love free pizza? Especially when you can get the Sunnyside Pizza at Bar Cento in Ohio City, a delicious combination of thin crust pizza, fried eggs, provolone (and pancetta for you meat eaters out there)! Plus, all of the eggs for the pizza come from local farmers! And who doesn’t love to support those restaurants that buy local, organic foods for their dishes?

Bar Cento will be giving away a free pizza to anyone who makes a cash donation to Jenny and Courtland Rocco’s Kickstarter campaign to start a micro dairy operation in Ohio. Many Cleveland restaurants depend on farmers like Jenny and Courtland to provide the high quality ingredients necessary for their delectable dishes.

Currently Jenny and Courtland own a 46 acre farm in West Salem, Ohio. Courtland has also worked at a nearby dairy farm to support their BlueLoon Farm. Now, that same dairy farm is closing and auctioning off their herd of cows. Jenny and Courtland would like to save some of those cows and start their own micro-dairy operation. Their hope for the future is to grow into a full fledged Creamery based on the demand from local artisan cheese makers who have already committed to purchasing most of the milk that will come from these acquired cows.

In order to accommodate the five to eight cows they hope to be adding to their farm, they will need to adjust their current barn to create the appropriate facilities. This will cost over $15,000 to complete. They currently have about half of the funds raised on Kickstarter, but could really use a boost from us native Clevelanders.

So come out and support two farmers who supply sustainable and organic food, and put the plants and animals above anything else. Hope to see you there! Bar Cento is located at 1948 West 25th Street, Cleveland. The restaurant’s event will run through regular kitchen hours on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Support Local Farmers – Get Free Pizza at Bar Cento January 7th

    1. I had wanted to start writing about Cleveland quite a long time ago, but never “took the plunge”. I was recently asked to write a sample blog post and decided this was the perfect opportunity to take a stab at it. Thanks for the compliment! I love your blog and always check out your new posts!

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