Racing into 2014 – Ready, Set, Go!

It’s that time of year again – when gyms are flooded with newcomers and hopes are high for changing those bad habits we’ve acquired. Let’s be honest– most of us aren’t even going to come close to hitting the gym 7 days a week or giving up our treasured Starbucks for good. So rather than setting unrealistic resolutions we’ll probably never live up to, we should focus on goals that will keep us healthy and happy. Mine are listed below. Feel free to add other fun ideas!

  • Run a 5K once a month in 2014 – I’m borrowing this idea from my good friend Jaime. I’ve wanted to put this into action since she first told me about it a couple of years ago. First up is the Garage Sale 5K by Hermes Cleveland! Nothing like running at Edgewater in January. I can already feel the icicles forming on my lips.
  • Try 2 new recipes a month – With the fabulous addition of a Crock Pot to my kitchen, I’ve decided it’s time to bite the bullet and learn how to cook. So with the help of my vegetarian crock pot cook book and possibly a few cooking classes at the Gatherings Kitchen in Lakewood, I’m hoping to stop starving my boyfriend and start providing some healthy and delicious meals!
  • Get back into yoga – I love yoga. As a runner it helps stretch my muscles and is so relaxing. I’ve also been lucky enough to find some phenomenal teachers that inspire me to practice. Unfortunately with the distractions of day to day life, I’ve fallen away from practicing. Studio 11 in Tremont is always my first choice. Laurie’s flow yoga classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays are the best. If your budget is a little tight, take advantage of the FREE East 4th and Yoga classes every Saturday morning at House of Blues.
  • Continue the Sassy Ladies Supper Club – If you and your friends don’t currently do supper club, start immediately. Our group of friends started this tradition last year and I love it! First, pick a day of the week that you’ll stick to each month – i.e. the third Thursday of each month. Whoever is able to make it on that day comes. Each month we pick a place that the majority of us have not tried and go there. It’s a great chance to hang out with friends, drink and be merry!

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Racing into 2014 – Ready, Set, Go!

  1. I love your resolutions!!! PLEASE keep me informed of your monthly 5ks, I would LOVE to do them with you, even in the snow!

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